AUSPS Society Journal Article Index

The following is a listing of all articles published in the quarterly journal. This listing also includes Ferchenbauer Translations as they appeared in the various journals. After each title is the volume number, issue number and page indicator. Back issues of the journal are available by contacting the editor, Ralph Schneider at a cost of $5.50 each.

Index of Articles from Volume I through XI
~ thru July 2010 ~ in Alphabetical Order

"The Abstimmung Cards of 1938" George E. Kuhn - V/1/6-9
"All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go: The 1948 Costume Stamps Come to America" George Brunn - VI/3/14-19
"All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go: The 1948 Costume Stamps Come to America - Part II)" George Brunn - VI/4/17-24
"All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go: The 1948 Costume Stamps Come to America - Part III)" George Brunn- VII/1/22-28
All Dressed Up and Some Place to Go: The 1948 Costume Stamps Come to America - Part IV)" George Brunn -VII/3/411
"Anatomy of an Austrian Postal card" Salvatore Rizza - V/1/10-16
"And Here's the Rest of the Story" Peter C. Frick - IV/2/5-6
"The Anschluss Era 'Tourist View'" Salvatore Rizza - V/3/12-14
"AUSPS Auction #11 Results" Larry Bollinger - VIII/2/25-26
AUSPS Short Term Objectives - I/1/5
AUSPS Long Term Objectives - I/1/5
"Austria After 1945 ..." publication announcement - III/4/21
"The Austria Heller-Krone Era 1900-1920" Ernst Theimer and Richard Green from Austria Bulletin - Spring and Summer 1985 - VIII/4/4-7
"Austria-Hungary's Last Offensive" J.V. Cossaboom - VIII/3/3-11
"Austria in Albania" from Die Briefmarke May 2008 - X/1/5-11
"Austrian Military stamps" Paul Fenton - V3/9-1 0
"Austria's Personal Stamps" Joyce Boyer - V/3/20-24
"The Austrian Philatelic Society - New York" Carl R Carlson - IX/2/23-24
"Austrian Philatelic Tidbits" Peter C. Frick - IV/2/3-4
"The Austria Post in China" John Nussbickel- II/1/13-14
"The Austrian Post Offices in Neum" John Nussbickel- III/1/19-20
"Austrian Precancelled Stamps - Precancelled Newspaper Wrappers" John J. Nussbickel- III/4/22-24
"Austrian Rocket Mail" Fred Rafael - VIII/2/3-13
"Austria 2002 New Issues" - II/1/22
"Austria's Unique 'Erganszungmarke'" Peter C. Frick - III/1/5-6
Book Review "Postal History of Bosnia" Herzegovina" Berislav Skelj - V2/21-22
"Bosnia #1 and #la" Jack Reber - III/2/5
"Bosnia's 1913 Newspaper Stamps" Hal Hite - V/2/4-6
"Bosnia Herzegovina" John J. Nussbickel - IV/1/17
"Bosnia's Punched Hole Mystery" Hal Hite - Vl/4/17- 1 9
"A Bridge Across the Danube" by Salvatore J. Rizza - II/3/21-26
Bylaws - I/2/25
"Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices - Book Review Paul Catling,I/3/5-7>br> "Censored POW, Civilian and Army Mail from Russia, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Italy -1914-1919" Andy Regis - VI/2/18-26
"Christkindl" George Taubel- VIII/1/18-20
"Comments on Kurt Heinrich's' Mystery of an Italian Postcard'" Tom Cossaboom - V/4/5
"The Curious Fate of the First Postal Cards of the Second Republic" from Die Briefmarke #512006 - IX/4/17-18
"Dalai Lama Stamp" Arthur Boerma Philatelic Exporter (Sep 05) - V/4/6
"Danube and Black Sea Railway ..." John Nussbickel-I/5/19-20
The Danube and Black Sea Railway and the Kustendje Harbor Company (Addenda) John Nussbickel-IV/4/28
"The Danube Steam Navigation Company" John J. Nussbickel - II/3/4-10
"Dealers in Vienna" Andy Taylor - IV/3/22


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