Fakes on eBay and elsewhere. . .

From Die Briefmarke 10 2007 p 54 Translated by Peter Meschter

Fritz Hans Sturzeis, the well-known stamp examiner and forgery hunter for Austrian material, writes to us:

"Unfortunately, the number of crooks is not decreasing. A collector friend in Tyrol showed me copies of faked covers that have been repeatedly offered for sale on the Internet, as well as being inserted into lots sold in regular auctions .

The only genuine elements in the covers shown (Figures 1 and 2) are the inexpensive 1945 Posthorn stamps (Allied Military Government for Austria Scott numbers 4N3, 4N7, 4N8, and 4N12) and censors' closure tapes, which have been placed on the covers by the faker. The rubber-stamped markings "Lienz (Drau)" are clearly wrong. The "express delivery" labels date from a much later time period. The censors' numbers are "borrowed from the French", although East Tyrol was a British zone of occupation. Finally, the rubber stamps "EXPRESS" and "REGISTERED" are from a modern lettering case.



The letter in Figure 1 was offered on eBay as lot number 170107081628 with an expiration date of May 6, 2007. The successful bid was indicated as ?122.55 ($163.00). "Graz, Austria" was shown as the location of the item...more

VOL XIII Nr 2 p 17