Forgery and Related Stamp Information

There are many sites to help the stamp collector with the identification of stamp forgeries and general identification. Many books and articles have and continue to be written on these and related subjects. One of the web sites I truly feel captures the spirit of identifying stamp forgeries is a site developed by Mr. G. Kock. He has taken great pains to alert the philatelic community to stamp forgeries from around the world. It is worth a visit to his web site by using the following link: Stamp Forgery Guide.

Michael Mills (Glassine Surfer), in a recent article in the American Philatelist (AP), the Journal of the American Philatelic Society, wrote several pieces on web sites that offer help in the identification of stamp forgeries and stamp identification. One of these sites is the Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site put together by webmaster Mr. Bill Claghorn.

Also check out another site on forgeries at this Stamp-Collecting-World site link. This site features information about forgeries and fakes, stamps from around the world, collecting, and a host of other stamp related items.

More information about these sites and on the authors of the sites can be found in the articles by Mr. Mills in the February 2005 issue of the AP, pages 118-120.

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