We have posted links to other philatelic sites which we have found useful. If you have any sites you really like - let us know and we will add them also.

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Airkin, Peter G. - Stamp collecting information and links to other philatelic sites.

American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) - Serving the needs of collectors worldwide.

Philatelic Society - The premiere US collector's organization.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Germania - Marken (German & English).

Austrian Philatelic Society (UK) - This AUSPS is the counterpart of our AUSPS (US) in Great Britain.

Austria Post Office" - The official Austrian post office site - you can order new issues online.

Bosnian Exhibit - An excellent and gorgeous exhibit by Miroslav Stotka of Czech Republic

Germany Post Office - You can buy directly from the German post office . Also lists current stamp issues.

Joe Luft's Philatelic Resources - A comprehensive resource site! Collectors/dealers/information

Liechtenstein News - Stamps from the Principality of Liechtenstein and other useful information.

Lithuania Philatelic Society (LPS) - A website for collectors of stamps and postal history of Lithuania.

Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck - A local stamp club from Innsbruck, Austria you will find interesting. (German)

Stamp Yellow Page Directory - The largest, best organized Stamp Yellow Pages Directory on the Internet (their words).

Virtual Stamp Club - The Virtual Stamp Club is sort of an on-line philatelic newspaper or magazine. Their forum contains news, information, opinions and advice.

Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting - A resource for young minds or the beginner.

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