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These are the most noticeable in most cases, and least liable to be obscured by cancellations. One gets easily sidetracked, however, by observing small changes in numerals and letters due to erosion of the matrix and which are not useful for a classification. SCOTT neglects to establish type differences except for the 9kr. denomination. MICHEL indicates that in all denominations except 9 kr., in type I the numbers touch the upper frame. As can be seen in fig. 2, the numbers themselves are just shy of touching; and in the first engraving there is additional material present, forming a bridge between the number and the frame. An accidental accumulation of pigment in this area can suggest falsely the type I. It is therefore useful to note the exact areas where the numbers and the border touch in typical cases: they are at

Numerals in the first and second engraving

Fig. 1 Numerals in the first and second engraving.

Vol 4 Nr 4 P 6

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