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the upper left of "3", and at the center at the top of the "2" and the "6".. Connections in other places are not significant. In the third frame of fig 1, for instance, there is a slight accidental adherence to the border in a stamp of second engraving.

I have not found a 1 Kreuzer stamp in which the numeral would touch the frame, which would make it type I, but Dr. E. Theimer (ref. 1) indicated that the 1 Kreuzer stamps exist as type I as well as type III. It is difficult, however, to distinguish by eye any particular features because of the pallid yellow color of this stamp. They are more distinct when it is scanned electronically and the contrast of the image (in gray tones only) is strongly enhanced (Fig. 2).. The non-specialist may, however, be excused if he ignores the difference of types for the 1 Kreuzer stamp.


Fig. 2 1 kr. (yellow) stamp, scanned in gray tones, and reproduced with enhanced contrast.

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