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What if…?

“What if?” has to do with choices.  Yogi Berra stated it most eloquently some years ago with his concept of choice:  “. . . when you reach a fork in the road, you take it.” We spend our lives making choices, some serious or important, others necessary or optional.  A child selecting an ice cream flavor, a

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Brenner Pass

Stamps don’t have to be expensive to have a story to tell. Austria #907 is one such stamp. In it we see the Europa Bridge, part of the superhighway over the famed Brenner Pass. At 4,500 feet, the Brenner is one of the lower routes through Alps and it is open year-round. It is

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Rocket Mail

The following is from the archives of our Society. It has been presented from an article by Fred Rafael that appeared in the journal of the Austria Philatelic Society of New York, predecessor of our present society. No part of this material may be reproduced without the express written permission from the Austria Philatelic

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Uncovering Fakes & Forgeries

There are many sites to help the stamp collector with the identification of stamp forgeries and general identification. Many books and articles have and continue to be written on these and related subjects. One such website that captures the spirit of identifying stamp forgeries is  Stamp Forgery Guide developed by Mr. G. Kock. Great

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